The unique features of your own business

Hello everyone! We are glad to see you in Salut University again 🙂

We’ve already learned how to create a portrait of your target audience, and today we are going to find out what makes your business interesting to potential customers. First, take a look at the following questions and try to answer them:

  • How are YOU different?
  • What’s that ONE thing that makes your business special?
  • How are your values and beliefs different?
  • How is your audience different?
  • How is your product different?

Here’s an example, courtesy of our coach. Check it out!

How are YOU different?
My coaching is not based on theory only. I went through all these stages by myself and put maximum effort to become WHO I am right now. I had no one to support me, therefore I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck at a certain level of life, and I am here to provide guidance and motivation to those in need. Having changed my mindset, I managed to cure 1 severe psychosomatic disease and several minor ones, I managed to overcome lots of social fears and psychological problems. I know my field of coaching like the back of my hand, and I want to help others. 

What’s that ONE thing that makes your business special?
24/7 client support – a pretty rare thing to see in online coaching. While most coaches aim to sell as many courses as possible, I prefer providing my customers with the best assistance possible.

How are your values and beliefs different?
My core values are:

  • genuineness – I am not about marketing, but about helping; 
  • a strong will  power – my family value which I grew up with, and want to help others cultivate it as well; 
  • a high level of life energy, which I am ready to share with those who need it. 

My main beliefs:

  • sometimes you can’t change the situation, but you CAN CHOOSE your attitude towards it;
  • people DO change and CAN change no matter the circumstances, it’s a proven fact;
  • EVERYONE DESERVES a happy life and you should always remember that, no matter what you are going through at the moment.

How is your audience different?
My audience consists of:

  • women who WANT to start ENJOYING their lives, relationships, jobs etc. but don’t know where to start; 
  • women who WANT to have a GOOD life, but DON’T KNOW what EXACTLY their priorities/wishes/goals are. 

Compared to others, my target group is represented by the people READY to work on themselves, on their ways of thinking, perceptions, etc. They are interested in psychology and spiritual growth, and they are open for further education. Most of them experience/have experienced some psychosomatic issues, and want to get rid of them (or prevent), but still have no idea what to do. 

How is your product different?
– A complex approach towards changing your mindset that will help you live your best life: vinyasa yoga + meditation + life coaching. 
-YOGA: reawakening of feminine energy – realising your sexuality and attractiveness as a woman; understanding what your mind and body REALLY need; learning how to BREATH properly – curing various health issues; keeping your body in good shape – getting new healthy habits; learning how to be present and enjoy the moment. 
-MEDITATION: start from bringing calmness to your life, letting go of your anxiousness and progress to entering the state of inner happiness and curing psychosomatics. 
– COACHING: we work on a set of negative “settings” that prevent you from living a life of your dream; you learn how to detect them by yourself and change your attitude/behaviour in a way that twists the plot of your own life, which eventually leads to a BENEFICIAL outcome.

Use this example to outline the unique features of your own business and make sure your target audience is well informed about the advantages of your product/service.

Keep up the good work, and see you in Salut University next time 🙂

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