Monetize and market content on your terms

Create communities, publish content and profit from your passions

Salut is a social network for creators and their Stans

Create. Socialize. Monetize.

Salut for creators make money your way
Make $

Make money your way

there are five unique ways to make money from your followers on Salut: tips, donations, paid posts, products and subscriptions + Salut can help you market your content!

Groups and Channels

Think your favorite groupchat, but better

create a channel to broadcast to friends and fans like, or create a group to connect with your followers on a more personal level in exchange for tips, donations, or for free.

a different kind of group chat with Salut
Social network where you are supported by your fans and not brand or ads
Create Freely

Supported by fans, controlled by you

seamlessly share photos, videos, music, and files without worrying about ads or algorithms getting between you and your fans.

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