From Passion to Profit

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” However utopian this phrase might seem for the majority of the population, there is still a large group of people that have actually found this precious thing – the creators! They have us in awe of their beautiful poems and vivid paintings, they create the perfect soundtrack to our days and keep us motivated through online training videos! Unfortunately, we live in a society where these creative professions are rarely considered financially viable.

We are on a mission to change that! 


The Real Passion Economy starts now

The Internet made the lives of artistic people easier by giving them outlets to showcase their craft and earn a little something. This new era is even dubbed the “Passion Economy” or “The Future of Work”. Still, despite the fact that the web introduced some significant changes to the creative scene, it failed miserably to provide the creators with equal opportunities to monetize their activities. The Facebook/Google/Twitter/TikTok economy actually teaches us – get mega popular or get out, as the only people harvesting the fruits of their creativity are the ones with millions of followers. 

The real passion economy, on the contrary, should enable all the creative minds to make a living regardless of their follower base. We believe that numbers cease to make a difference as long as one has loyal supporters who enjoy their craft. Even though many people would advise against building castles in the air, we are here to supply creative individuals with stone and wood, help them put up walls and make sure the community within their castle grows and prospers. We want to ensure that every creator lives their dream!


You shouldn’t make people pay, you should let them pay

“Okay, but how does it work in real life?”

Let’s say, you are a street musician standing on the sidewalk and playing a beautiful song. Whilst passers-by may enjoy it very much, you won’t get a nickel unless there is an open guitar case or an upturned hat in front of you. Therefore, we need to create an environment where your readers, listeners or trainees are always nearby with some change in their pockets, and there is always an open “guitar case” right before their eyes. We need to let your followers pay you every time you excite them, bring value to them or make them feel like paying you now. This is the basic idea behind Salut and the reason why we built it!


Monetization has never been this easy and convenient

Salut is a tool for all the creative individuals to turn passions into profit through their communities. We provide creators with a multitude of monetization tools embedded into the app experience that let people donate easily whenever they feel like doing it. While having a familiar chat messenger interface that allows creation of groups (where all participants can talk) and channels (for creators and admins only), Salut also brings two major innovations:


  1. Topics – every group/channel can have multiple topics, so people may discuss various subjects in parallel without cluttering the conversation. This layout makes it easy for users to receive only the information they like.
  2. Monetization – every message or post can make money. Create paid messages, form subscription plans, sell personal products and sessions – we provide you with a variety of options to get paid. Choose whichever suits you and start earning!

Salut is a tool that you as a creator can use just the way you wish. Instead of quitting all the other venues where you post your creations, you can:


  1. Bring your superfans to Salut and post some exclusive content there.
  2. Use Salut for certain things, like selling merch or selected products.
  3. Use Salut for subscription management only.

Then again, you can also move entirely to our platform and bring the audience over from other social networks.  Whatever your decision is, using Salut is a first step to start living the passion economy dream and actually stop working for the rest of your life.

Are you ready? Hop in and enjoy the ride! 

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