Unfeed Yourself

Our current social media channels need a refresh (and a conscience). Here at Salut, we created a new community monetization platform that revolves around connection and conversations instead of advertisers and hidden agendas. Our motivations are revealed in the manifesto below. ​

Social Networks are not about you anymore 

When did social media stop being social? Instead of connecting with friends or family, we are being bought and sold by our favorite social media platforms multiple times per day. The current platforms became our overlords with a hidden (and in many cases not so hidden) agenda. Whether the goal of the platform is to sell our data for advertising dollars or censor and influence our opinions, the interests of social media platforms and advertisers take precedence over what we want. The reason for this? The giants behind popular social media platforms put advertisers first, and their business model is flawed. For their service to be “free” to users, someone needs to pay, and that “someone” is the true customer of various social media platforms—not you. Instead of paying with money, free social platforms can cost you something much more precious than your last paycheck—your personal data and privacy. 

We want to put you back in the driver’s seat.

How do YOU feel?

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a Black Mirror episode? Like that time you couldn’t stop seeing ads on your feed for a product you casually mentioned to your friend over WhatsApp message? Maybe you’re wondering why Facebook keeps showing you a slideshow of vacation photos with your toxic ex. Maybe you are an amazing creator that spent years accumulating your following, but your voice is getting drowned with constant algorithm changes or paid advertising from your competitors. Maybe you are tired of the constant noise. 

We really want to fix it!

We feel your pain, so we created a social network that puts YOU back in charge! We created Salut to help you unfeed yourself, create real connections, eliminate noise, and monetize your passions.

Drown out the noise 

We want to bring social media back to real connections and conversations—not a mindless feed fueled by hidden agendas. Salut is a social network where conversations come first. There are no feeds, no ads, and no algorithms—just groups and channels where you can chat with friends and create communities. You choose what content you want to see, and easily eliminate and refine the content you don’t care about with the press of a single button. 

Our business model is built on your success + satisfaction   

We’ve incorporated features that allow creators to do what they do best—create freely and get paid. When they get paid, we get paid, and if you invited them to Salut—you get paid too! Our business model is supported by our creators’ success, not by big advertisers or hidden agendas. 

We’re ushering in a new era of social media networks that are for the people, by the people (with lots of transparency). Ready to drown out the noise and tune in to something real?

We hope you join us!

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