The name, profile picture, and description for your channel or group.

Hello, and welcome to Salut University! Today we are going to learn how to choose the perfect name, profile picture, and description for your channel or group. 

First things first, the name. 
The name of your channel/group should associate with you personally, your brand and your field of work. For example, if photography is the main topic of your channel, there is every reason to use your name + the name of your activity in the title: Photographer John Miller. If we talk about coaching, it would be appropriate to put it this way: Wellness Coach Jeannie. The right name will make your group/channel easily recognisable and help you build your brand.

The picture. 
It’s preferable to use a logo as your profile picture if you have one, but even if you don’t – a high resolution picture of your face will do the job 🙂

The description.
The description is a crucial and necessary element of your channel. You should provide information on the main topic of it and let your followers know what exactly they can learn from you. Here are some good examples:

Also, don’t forget that you can customize your group/channel link and include your channel name in it:

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