What do coaches sell? How to determine what you are going to sell?

Hello, our dear creators, and welcome back to Salut University!

Today we are going to address a question you’ve probably asked yourself a couple of times: “What do coaches sell and how do they determine what to sell?”.

In order to gain a better insight into this matter, we did polls for coaches on our social media. Here’s what the results look like (check the results):

– 46% of respondents sell subscriptions to their channels with useful information;
– 64% of respondents sell challenges with various tasks and all kinds of information;
– 85% of respondents sell 1-1 sessions;
– 57% of respondents have close communities built for their customers.

Besides, many coaches host workshops and sell separate programs. 

Despite the popular belief “the more the better”, you don’t necessarily need to offer all of the above-mentioned options at once. Choose what fits you best in terms of personal comfort and information delivery, provide your customers with A1 service, and become the leader in your niche. 

Keep up the good work, and see you in Salut University next time 🙂

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