Freebies – why it is a must & what you should give away

Let’s be honest, we all love getting things for free, especially when it’s something of use or value to us. Besides bringing joy to the customers, freebies serve an important role in your brand’s marketing. “I’m a social media blogger, I make engaging posts and video lessons, why would I need to give something away?” Let us explain:

1. Freebies build loyalty. When you create an info product and give it out to your readers for free, they get to know you and your brand better and are more likely to make a purchase in the future.
2. Freebies create a positive buzz for you. Freebies add value to the interaction and give your readers positive feelings about you. These are feelings they will share with others, creating a positive buzz about your blog.
3. Freebies make you look good. Getting something for nothing is always a guaranteed method of pleasing your audience. Freebies make you stand out from your competitors in the minds of your recipients.
4. Freebies are a good way to establish new channels of communication. For example, you can give stuff away in exchange for your readers’ emails.

The materials you give away: 

  • should be of use and value to your reader/customer;
  • should be of high quality;
  • should be expressed with a simple and clear language;
  • should include real examples, the more the better. 

Some of the best freebie options:

  1. A video lesson.
  2. A checklist.
  3. A book.
  4. Free lessons.
  5. Limited access to one of your courses.

Life is a boomerang – what you give, you get back! Make freebies a part of your business strategy and get ready to reap the benefits.

See you at Salut Blog 🙂

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