Writing Engaging Posts For Social Media

Clearly the visual look of your Social Media profile plays an essential role, however, if you are planning on getting clients, you MUST know how to write, and write properly. 

Don’t be scared, it’s not that hard if you follow our tips:

  • Remember for whom you are writing this post: your potential clients, who are they, which topics are interesting for them, which type of advice/knowledge/skill they might need
  • Personal experience matters. People LOVE to read REAL stories of success, transformation, personal development. Give specific examples, make it genuine and concise.  
  • Use polarizing headlines, headlines containing questions: a great way to make people interact with your post, which must provide new and valuable information
  • Without an engaging headline, no matter how valuable your post is – it has 90% less chances to be seen.  
  • Before writing ask yourself: “Why do I want to share this?”. If the answer and the value for your audience covered in your post are clear – go ahead and publish. If not – think how to modify it.

Avoid this in your content…

  • Rambling thoughts, instead define one thought that you want to deliver and focus on structuring it within your post
  • Unnecessary words that make no sense and make your text less readable. 
  • Long sentences and no spacing: makes your text indigestible

Cliches: irritate readers; create a feeling that an author does not bother about her/his audience     

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